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12 Ports of Power - Introducing the EMU3

Coming out of ISE we had a huge numbers of enquiries for power management solutions. AV Installers are more conscious then ever to provide a higher level of control and clean power management. Most traditional IT horizontal power distribution units (PDUs) provide a 1U eight-port chassis.

With AV rack space becoming far more of a premium, traditional broadcast style managed distribution units (MDUs) can provide intelligent switching and monitoring for up to 12 ports. Having a larger amount of ports does provide a significant saving against two traditional units, providing a huge saving based on cost-per-port.

The EMU3 Intelligent MDU range is a 3rd generation solution providing 12 ports in a standard crossover (dual feed) version. A single 1U chassis provides comprehensive control and monitoring: units can be linked together to provide control for up to 48 devices. Telnet control is built into the units allowing easy access for most control room management solutions. With the added ability to include temperature and humidity sensors, this gives the system architect and the end user with full monitoring of the rack environment.


  Power management for critical and remotely located equipment

  Realtime monitoring and control via WAN/LAN with SNMP alarms

  Effective power management to help reduce overall costs

  Suitable for the broadcast, digital signage, industrial, IT and data centre industries


IPE's intuitive web interface provides quick and easy access to control and configuration facilities. Users can monitor the health of racks, see the status of every output, and receive email alerts if pre-set limits are exceeded.


At-a-glance system status, monitoring every output on every connected PDU. All PDUs are continuously polled for status. Configure individual PDUs and outputs. On ACO units, each input is monitored and the active input is clearly displayed.


Configure network interfaces including IP address, subnet mask, gateway and API port numbers. Set SMTP server and email addresses so that your systems admin can receive pre-set email alerts.


Set master parameters for the PDU such as name, start-up sequences, enabling email alerts and temperature ranges. Send email alerts on the detection of a UPS GPI (on and off), fuse failure (and restore), and critical temperatures.


Configure settings for each output such as name, load shedding, status and cycling. Shed load when a UPS is active, restore when the GPI is removed. Control ACO inputs. Power up from the browser. Switch outputs on and off manually or set to cycle.

A datasheet on the units can be viewed from our website below if you would like to try any of these units, or discuss pricing, please feel free to get in contact. - EMU3 - EM3 ACO

Daniel Hinton - Broadcast and Communications Regional Manager for Argosy - Serving the Broadcast and Audio Visual Industries

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