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2m 8 Channel Mil-26 To 8M XLR Breakout Cable For Argosy Stageboxes
Partnumber: DK-00-9263
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Manufactured exclusively by Argosy our robust and space saving 8, 12 and 16 way stageboxes are widely used in outside broadcast and can be configured with a choice of interfacing connectors with various wiring configurations to Neutrik 3 pin XLRs.

We physically separate the inputs and outputs to avoid the risk of confusion when working under pressure during a live performance. Argosy stagebox connectors and compatible cables are individually labelled using colours and fonts designed to be easily read under the low light conditions associated with stage work and outside broadcast situations.

One end plate has a cable gland for to allow the connection to be made quickly and hassle free, by standard this is a MIL-26 or MIL-41 however any can be used by request.
The connectors used on the stagebox by standard are Neutriks DLXseries though any connector can be used by special request, any enquires can be made through our sales desk.

Argosy stageboxes are manufactured to be extremely robust and useable under very low light levels making them perfect for use in live performances and in outside broadcast.