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24 Core LSOH - OS2 - SWA Armoured
Partnumber: JE-00-3924
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This range of steel armoured cables are suitable for direct burial thay are constructed from standard single loose tube fibers that are then packed into a fibreglass waterproof strengthener. An internal LSOH jacket is then applied with a rip cord and then a second oversheath of black LSOH is added.

Impact Resistance


Crush Resistance




Operating Temp

-30°C to 60°C

Water penetration

No water on free end

Maximum attenuation @ 1300nm


Maximum attenuation @ 1550nm


Inhomogeneity @ 2 X 1000m

0.1 dB/km Max

Core diameter


Cladding non-circularity


Core-cladding concentricity error


Group index of refraction @ 1300nm


Group index of refraction @ 1550nm


PMDQ Link Design Value (where Q=0.01%, N=20)

≤ 0.2 ps/√km

Chromatic dispersion

≤ │03│ps/km • nm @ 1330nm


≤ │18│ps/km • nm @ 1550nm


≤ │22│ps/km • nm @ 1625nm

Zero dispersion wavelength

1300 ‐1322 nm

Zero dispersion slope

≤ 0.090 ps/(nm2 • km)



4-16 Cores

24 Core

Nominal diameter

10.0 mm

10.5 mm

Nominal cable weight

165 kg/km

180 kg/km