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Argosy 3G 1080p BNC Termination Panels

The new Argosy 3G HD BNC termination panels are design for use in1080p full HD video circuits. These panels offer exceptional electrical performance and more than meet the return loss requirement for SMPTE 424m whilst also being fully compliant with SMPTE 292m HD and 259m SD standards. These panels are manufactured from extruded Aluminium which delivers a light weight yet extremely strong panel and are fitted with a snap fit Ident strip. They also feature a large OD tie bar with robust end braces, which make landing cables easier and addresses issues associated with smaller bars. As part of the Argosy term panel range these panels are supplied in black with the 24 way panels utilising the same pitch and style as the 24 way 10G through coupler and F type panels.

2u 2 x 16 3G 1080p BNC Termination Panel
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2u 2 x 20 3G 1080p BNC Termination Panel
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2u 2 x 24 3G 1080p BNC Termination Panel
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