Audio Patching Guide

This guide contains an at a glance list of which connector Argosy recommends for a given usage. Any further assistance needed can be found by calling our sales team.

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ADC Audio Patch Panel


There are three main types of audio jackfield, the most common of which is the B-Gauge(PO316 connectors) because its 3 pin design makes it ideal for patching balanced audio and its rounded head reduces stress, extending its life.

The Bantam plug is essentially a smaller version of the B-Gauge making it suitable for higher density patching, the reduced size however reduces the surface area of the conductors lowering the overall transparency of the connection.

The A-Gauge jack was specifically designed to transport unbalanced audio and its simplistic layout makes it the most cost effective of the three standard jackfields.

Balanced and Unbalanced Audio

Unbalanced audio is fine for line-level signals in a typical broadcast studio, the audio signal is caried on a single wire and is relative to ground, however problems can start to occur if the signal is being carried over a long distance.

A balanced audio signal consists of a pair of wires carrying the audio signal in anti-phase with each other. The 3 wires used are often referred to as Ground, Hot and Cold.

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