Data Centre Infrastructure with ATEN Matrix KVM Systems and Argosy Cold Aisle Containment

This guide contains a brief introduction to ATEN's matrix KVM switches and Argosy's cold aisle containment


As the number of servers in data centers continue to grow and the complexity of their operations increase it is becoming more and more essential that they can all be centrally managed from the control room.

The administration system for the data centre needs to:

  • Have a Secure Access Control
  • Be Flexible enough to allow operators to work effectively
  • Have an Intuitive User Interface
  • Have close to 100% Availability
  • Be Available to Multiple Users and Multiple Servers Concurrently without Access Conflicts
  • Have a Video Transmission Quality at Least as Good as the Servers
  • Not Interfere with the Cooling of the Racks - Such as Having Large Bundles of Additional Cables
  • Have Seamless Multi-platform Comparability

ATEN's Matrix switches have been specifically designed around the modern data centre and provide secure, real time control of your data center form a centralized control room as well as allowing access from staff offices.

With a video link of 1280x1024@60Hz for distances of up to three hundred meters and a full screen graphical user interface to allow users to to easily switch between devises without access conflicts and operate the server as if they are in front of the machine. The Virtual media functionality allows usb storage, such as external hard drives, flash drives and DVD/CD-ROM drives to be shared among the connected servers allowing OS patches or application installs from one console.
The KVM switch also allows the remote server to be power controlled remotely when ALTUSEN's Power Over The Net™ management device and a compatible power outlet.

Each server can be accessed in three configurations:

  • Exclusive mode - user has sole access to the server
  • Occupy mode - first user can operate server, subsequent users have view only access.
  • Share mode - multiple users have complete access to server and can cooperatively share control

Serial data connections can be set up to one of console modules to access data such as current connections and usage. This function is ideal for projecting all console displays onto a wall in the control room for conveniant monitoring of all operations.


Argosy's hot and cold aisle containment Infrastructure is a highly effective design of airflow management that will result in an easily maintainable and consistent flow of cool air throughout your equipment, because every part of your infrastructure is being kept at the same temperature, your CRAC system can regulate its output according to the real-time demands of your hardware, resulting in a significant drop in energy usage, without risking the build-up of hot-spots.

Our systems can also incorporate optional features such as self-closing lockable doors to maximise the physical security of the data centre.

Our designs aim to completely eliminate:

  • Air flowing through unused space in the rack, and through gaps within or between racks
  • Air escaping from the ends of the aisles or from any gaps above
  • Potential equipment faults caused by humidity or static build up
Our designs aim to ensure:
  • An even and consistent flow of cool air throughout
  • A complete integration with any fire suppression system
  • Risk of equipment failure due to environmental conditions is minimised