Argosy’s Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Infrastructure

Argosy’s hot and cold aisle racking service will provide your business with a custom designed solution that will be optimised to your situation and needs.
During our on-site survey Argosy will make detailed plans of your building and current Infrastructure, if any exists. These plans along with your requirements and ideas will help us supply and install the best possible solution to enable your systems to function for many years to come.
Whether you are building a new data centre or expanding your current capabilities, teaming up with Argosy’s experienced staff will give your development project the backing it needs to ensure its success without exceeding your budget.
Hot and cold aisle containment is a highly effective design of airflow management that will result in an easily maintainable and consistent flow of cool air throughout your equipment and because every part of your infrastructure is being kept at the same temperature, your CRAC system can regulate its output according to the real-time demands of your hardware, resulting in a significant drop in energy usage, without risking the build-up of hot-spots.
Our systems can also incorporate optional features such as self-closing lockable doors to maximise the physical security of the data centre.

Our designs aim to completely eliminate:
· Air flowing through unused space in the rack, and through gaps within or between racks.
· Air escaping from the ends of  the aisles or from any gaps above
· Potential equipment faults caused by humidity or static build up

and to ensure:
· An even and consistent flow of cool air throughout
· A complete integration with any fire suppression system
· Risk of equipment failure due to environmental conditions is minimised



For more information or to request a survey please telephone one of our sales team on +44(0) 1844202101