Independent Testimonials

Their new equipment racks ensured easy installation at our new facility. Argosy has a solid understanding of our business and was able to deliver the high-quality products needed to support the implementation of the new facility and they did so on time, and within budget

Simon Kay, Managing Director
RR Media Europe
We chose Argosy equipment for a number of reasons but a significant factor was the breadth and quality of their product offering and more specifically that they hold stock locally in the region that we could source quickly and easily for this project.

Paul Wallis, Sales Director
Media Group International
It was Argosy's ability to address our specific requirements and the close collaboration with the company and particularly Chris Smeeton that ensured the success of this phased project.

Rob Cranfield, Senior Systems Engineer
MTV International
We have a longstanding relationship with Argosy and chose their infrastructure equipment because the company distributes some of the best quality products.

Tariq Qahwaji, Operations Manager
INC System Integrations.
They are very pleasant to work with, very responsive on the phone. They’re always honest with whether they have anything in stock or not and they deliver exactly when they are going to deliver.

Guy Edmondson, Director
Dega Broadcast Systems Ltd
This is a very exciting time for DTL Broadcast as we work towards building our business internationally. We wanted to partner with a company that was globally recognised to support our distribution efforts and Argosy with its well-deserved reputation for great service and the highest quality products made them the perfect fit.
Anwar Sultan, Managing Director
DTL Broadcast Ltd
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Teaming up with Argosy represents a great opportunity for us to move into a growing market in the Middle East.

Steffan Hewitt, Director
Polecam Limited
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They have got some good technical backup, so if we need a bit more technical help when trying to look at something specific we know who to go to there for that sort of extra assistance.

David Addey, Director
Dega Broadcast Systems Ltd
Argosy supply us with a multitude of components for our systems, we prebuild our systems here in Maidenhead and Argosy deliver here virtually every day with their vehicle supplying mainly components and subsystems for us to integrate into our whole systems that we deliver worldwide.

David Phillips, Managing Director
Television Systems Ltd
Argosy not only distribute some of the best quality products on the market, but they also have one of the largest range of products available.

Robin Howell, Director
Wire Broadcast
We have had a longstanding relationship with Argosy who offer proven, high-quality products quickly and efficiently, as we need them.

Kevin Moorhouse,
Chief operating officer and managing director
Gearhouse Broadcast UK
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