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Belden CAT 5E Solid UTP LSOH 305m

  • Belden CAT 5E Solid UTP LSOH 305m
    Belden CAT 5E Solid UTP LSOH 305m
Belden CAT 5E Solid UTP LSOH 305m
PN - EA-07-5113AV
£158.64(ex vat) / BOX
Qty Price
1-4£158.64 (ex vat)
5-9£154.35 (ex vat)
10+£137.20 (ex vat)

The Belden 1583ENH is a 100 MHz category 5E cable suitable for use in a series of category 5E applications. Available in violet and grey, its LSOH jacket will emit no halogen and limited smoke upon exposure to extremes of heat, making it ideal for indoor use.

As a horizontal and building backbone cable, it works well in 1000Base-T (Gigabit Ethernet), 100 Base-T, 10 Base-T, FDDI and ATM systems. Alongside being very easy to install, its distinctive colours also enable quick identification.

Developed to the very highest industry standards, the Belden 1583ENH is available from Argosy in lengths of 305 metres.

Element: Individual Pair
Size: 24
Stranding: Solid
Material: BC - Bare Copper
Number of Pairs: 4

Element: Individual Pair
Material: PE - Polyethylene
Nom. Insulation Diameter: 0.9 mm (0.035 in)
Colour Code: White/Blue & Blue, White/Green & Green, White/Orange & Orange, White/Brown & Brown

Outer Jacket
Material: LSZH - Low Smoke Zero Halogen (Flame Retardant)
Nom. Diameter: 4.6 mm (0.18 in)

Max. Conductor DCR: 95 Ohm/km (29 Ohm/1000ft)
Max. Mutual Capacitance: 56 pF/m (17 pF/ft)
Max. Capacitance Unbalance: 160 pF/100m
Nom. Characteristic Impedance: 100 Ohm

Max. Delay Skew: 40 ns/100m
Nom. Velocity of Prop.: 70%

High Frequency
Frequency [MHz]     Max. Insertion Loss (Attenuation)
           1                                       2.1 dB/100m
           4                                       4 dB/100m
          10                                     6.3 dB/100m
          16                                      8 dB/100m
          20                                     9 dB/100m
        31.25                                 11.4 dB/100m
         62.5                                 16.5 dB/100m
         100                                   21.3 dB/100m

Voltage Rating: 72 V DC

Operating: -30°C To +60°C
Installation: 0°C To +50°C

Bend Radius
Installation Min.: 40 mm (1.6 in)
Max. Pull Tension: 65 N (15 lbf)
Bulk Cable Weight: 28 kg/km (19 lbs/1000ft)

Standards and Compliance
Environmental Suitability: Indoor - Euroclass Dca
Flammability / Reaction to Fire: IEC 60332-1-2
CPR Compliance: CPR Euroclass: Dca-s2,d2,a1
IEEE Compliance: PoE: IEEE 802.3bt Type 1, Type 2, Type 3
Data Category: Category 5e
ISO/IEC Compliance: ISO/IEC 11801-1, IEC 61156-5, IEC 60754-1, IEC 60754-2, IEC 61034-2
CENELEC Compliance: EN 50173-1, Segregation class according EN50174-2 = a
UK Regulation Compliance: UKCA Mark