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Argosy 12G High Density BNC Crimp Plug 360/1855

  • 12G High Density BNC Crimp Plug 360/1855
    12G High Density BNC Crimp Plug 360/1855
Argosy 12G High Density BNC Crimp Plug 360/1855
PN - BA-65-1201
£242.83(ex vat) / Pack of 50
Qty Price
1-4£242.83 (ex vat)
5-9£155.41 (ex vat)
10+£145.70 (ex vat)

The High-Density BNC delivers true 75Ω ohm performance and is designed for applications where space is limited, such as racks with high cable counts and the latest large-generation digital routers. The High-Density BNC enables four times as many connections as the regular BNC, with a footprint that is 51% smaller than traditional BNC connectors and 40% smaller than the DIN 1.0/2.3.

Designed specifically for broadcast applications, the connector features the push-and-turn interface of a traditional BNC, providing tactile feedback and a positive lock for quick and guaranteed mating. Engineered to enhance electrical and mechanical performance, it meets the required specifications of the Serial Digital Interface (SDI) and related High-Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI).

Essentially a miniature BNC, its bayonet locking provides exceptional mechanical strength, and it uses the same tools currently used in standard HD BNC plugs, such as strip and crimp tools. It is tuned to Argosy’s market-leading Image 360 High Definition Digital Video Cable and provides excellent VSWR and return loss figures.

Note: recommended only for use with the Paladin 8000crimp tool with a 2046 die (.213 hex). May not work with other tools, even with the same-sized hex.

  • Impedance: 75Ohm
  • Frequency Range: 0 - 6 GHz
  • Return Loss: 30dB @ 3GHz
  • Voltage Rating: 170 VRMS
  • Dielectric Voltage: 500v
  • Insulation Resistance: 10,000MOhm
  • Contact Crimp Size: SQ.042[1.06mm]
  • Ferrule Crimp Size: HEX.213[5.41mm]
  • Recommended Die: Paladin 8000 Crimp Tool (MA‐99‐019), Paladin 2046 Die Set (MA‐99‐079)