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3U Flat Sub Rack 150 Pair 237A/B/D

3U Flat Sub Rack 150 Pair 237A/B/D
PN - FT-59-009
£58.08(ex vat) / Each
Qty Price
1-4£58.08 (ex vat)
5-9£52.27 (ex vat)
10+£47.92 (ex vat)

The 75Ω “High Density BNC” offers a space saving solution without compromising mechanical reliability.

It has been designed for applications where space is at a premium, in applications such as racks with high cable counts, large latest generation digital routers, etc.

Other products are available which also save on space but they do not offer the same application performance.

Argosy’s high density BNC has the following advantages:

  • Tuned to Argosy’s market leading Image 360 High Definition Digital Video Cable.
  • Utilises the same strip and crimp tools currently used for our standard HD BNC plugs.
  • Mechanical strength, it is essentially a miniature BNC with bayonet locking.


We recommend only using the Paladin 8000 crimptool with a 2046 die (.213 hex), as onther tools, even with the same sized hex, have been reported to not work with this connector.