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BST BNC-9 Cable Boot White

BST BNC-9 Cable Boot White
PN - LF-09-004
£0.61(ex vat) / each
Qty Price
1-4£0.61 (ex vat)
5-9£0.35 (ex vat)
10+£0.33 (ex vat)
Designed for industrial applications, these high-quality coloured boots for rearTWIST BNC cable connectors are made to be used with Rear Twist BNC 75ohm Connectors. Suitable for 3Gb/s HD-SDI 1080p, SD-SDI and analogue video, they offer excellent mechanical and electrical performance, with precision-machined components that give true 75ohm impedance and excellent return-loss, even at frequencies up to 4.5GHz.

As a compact variation of the traditional connector, mating and un-mating is accomplished by twisting the whole connector, rather than just an awkward knurled front coupling nut. Where restricted access to the ‘head’ of a conventional connector may be problematic, these boots provide an extended grip area, making them ideal for recessed connection panels or HD termination panels. BST-BNC boots should be used with NBNC-type connectors.

Colour-coding legend:
0 - Black
1 - Brown
2 - Red
3 - Orange
4 - Yellow
5 - Green
6 - Blue for
7 - Violet
8 - Grey
9 - White
CY - Turquoise

Caution: Use the correct size connector, and corresponding crimp dies for each cable.
Required accessories: Neutrik crimp tool and die-set.