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BT-WDM-LGX 2 channels in LGX box stand-alone

BT-WDM-LGX 2 channels in LGX box stand-alone
PN - RE-05-1007
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Offering a range of passive optical products needed for the most popular applications. Splitting fibre optic feeds, multiplexing and de-multiplexing CWDM or DWDM feeds and providing optical changeover to manage redundancy are key applications for most fibre transport systems.

 A free collection of applications notes outlines some of these applications and how these passive components can be used to enhance operations, save fibre optic space and provide a more robust and efficient signal transport operation.

 The LGX series can be used as standalone modules or can be housed into our 1RU frame, BT- HOUS-LGX1RU.

Optical ports
• LC/PC connectors
• Center Wavelengths according to ITU-T G.694.2
• Channel center wavelengths 1270 – 1610nm
• Channel clear passband +/- 7nm
• Insertion Loss 8-ch: -2,5dB; 16-/18-ch: -3,5dB (max.)
• Passband ripple <0,5 dB
• Adjacent Channel Isolation >30dB
• Non-Adjacent Channel Isolation >45dB
• Polarisation dependant loss <0,1dB
• Directivity >45dB
• Return loss >45dB
• Polarisation Mode
• Dispersion <0,2ps