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M20 One Click SMPTE Cleaner

  • M20 One Click SMPTE Cleaner
    M20 One Click SMPTE Cleaner
M20 One Click SMPTE Cleaner
PN - MM-99-0926
£55.76(ex vat) / Each
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1-4£55.76 (ex vat)
5-9£54.02 (ex vat)
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Specifically designed to clean SMPTE and traditional Telco fibre optic connectors on cables and located in panel adaptors, the M20 SMPTE cleaner works in harsh environments such as 2.0mm-based connector systems, e.g., SMPTE 304M, SMTPE 358M, and MIL PRF 28876, including plug and socket terminals. It also cleans connectors residing in an adapter or faceplate and unmated connectors.

The fibre optic tool allows the user to clean connectors without removing alignment ferrules, thus taking away the inconvenience of using additional tools and the possibility of losing alignment sleeves.

It eliminates the use of solvents via a novel dry cleaning strand that wipes and lifts dirt and residue away. Provides one-click removal of dust, graphite, hand lotion, and lint, including residue from alcohol, distilled water, saltwater, skin oil, and vegetables. It performs a full clean in one application by using a simple pushing motion to engage the tool. An audible click alerts the user when the tool is fully engaged.

The tool effectively treats various contaminants and offers a minimum of 525 cleans, making it a remarkably low-cost per clean solution. The M20-CLK-A complies with the EU/95/2002/EC Directive (RoHS).