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RJ45 Strain Relief Boots

RJ45 Strain Relief Boots
PN - FA-00-001
£0.30(ex vat) / each
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Designed for RJ45 patch leads, these moulded strain relief boots with latch cover can be used when a new patch cable is made.
They help protect the modular plug body, particularly the latch tab, from external handling damage and completely close the connection between the connector and the connection, thus preventing dust and reducing the chance of malfunctions. The boots must be placed onto the cable before both connector ends are terminated. After crimping, the insert locks into the modular plug.

These boots minimise cable bends that can reduce data speed, result in data loss, and prevent broken connector tabs and snagging. They dampen cable movement and vibrations that may cause premature connector failure while extending connector life. Suitable for Cat5e and smaller diameter Cat6 twisted-pair cables and industry-standard RJ45 8P8C connectors.

Nominal internal diameter includes 5.5mm (for Cat5E cables up to 6.0mm), 6.0mm (unshielded Cat6 cables up to 6.4mm), and 7.5mm (for shielded and unshielded cables up to 8.2mm).

Available in Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Grey, White colours, the retrofit hoods allow for field colour coding of RJ45 modular plugs.