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Densitron EMU3 Intelligent Mains Monitoring

  • Densitron EMU3 Intelligent Mains Monitoring - Front
    Densitron EMU3 Intelligent Mains Monitoring - Front
  • Densitron EMU3 Intelligent Mains Monitoring - Back
    Densitron EMU3 Intelligent Mains Monitoring - Back
Densitron EMU3 Intelligent Mains Monitoring
PN - HJ-00-0001
£504.00(ex vat) / each
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1£504.00 (ex vat)

Control up to 16 emu3’s (192 power outputs) from one remote ethernet cable.

When it comes to power management, control and monitoring are two of the most important issues facing systems administrators today. With many installations spread over different locations, the need for a simple, centralised control solution that can manage every aspect of performance, from controlling individual outputs to monitoring alerts has never been greater.

The new intelligent emu3 units are now available in a single configuration, which will auto configure as either a Master or a Slave, in standard intelligent mode or the Automatic Change Over (ACO) model. All units now come with an embedded web server that enables continuous remote control and monitoring. They can be daisy-chained to other emu3 units to provide up to 192 outputs via a single IP connection. In the event of a Master unit failure, remove the Ethernet cable, insert it into a secondary unit and it is automatically promoted to a Master.

The new emu3’s embedded intelligence allows a scalable power management solution with a low resource outlay. Our intuitive web interface provides quick and easy access to control and configuration facilities. The health status of racks and every connected output can be easily monitored.

Extendable rack-mount solutions that provide continuous real-time information about your system, while delivering a reliable power supply. Over engineered internal components to satisfy the rigorous demands applied to these units in the field. Complemented by an intuitive interface and comprehensive suite of features, the emu3 is a class leading solution in todays competitive market. Used by many blue chip clients globally across multiple industries for their critical systems, the emu3 is designed to durability and security.

Key Benefits:

  • Control up to 16 emu3’s (192 power outputs) from one ethernet cable for lower cost of ownership
  • Remote Ethernet control of 12 separate outputs 
  • Sequential, immediate or user configured delayed output start-up 
  • All options can be configured and deployed via securable web browser interface
  • 2 stage electronic over-current protection
  • Comprehensive power shedding functionality
  • 6 x opto-isolated GPI inputs
  • Ethernet SNMP, Telnet and IDS remote status monitoring for all 6 x GPIs and 12 x outputs.
  • Integration with IPE’s own IDS product range for integrated control and reporting. Display real time critical information on any IDS connected screen. (when using IDS Ver 2.25 and above) 
  • Remote real time system monitoring of multiple environmental one wire sensors for temperature and humidity via SNMP, telnet or IDS.
  • Combine multiple sensors for readings across a whole rack
  • 240V AC 16A Max total load
  • Supplied with 6A output fuses and 16A input fuse
  • Supplied with 20A Powercon Input connector 
  • Rugged steel chassis with rounded heavy duty tie bar included

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