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Argosy 2U SMPTE Splice Tray FXW

  • Argosy 2U SMPTE Splice Tray FXW
    Argosy 2U SMPTE Splice Tray FXW
Argosy 2U SMPTE Splice Tray FXW
PN - 105015
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Pictured: Argosy 2U SMPTE Splice Tray FXW 8 x Way (KV-00-2008)

Unlock the full potential of your SMPTE Camera Chains with utmost ease and efficiency. 

The Argosy 2RU SMPTE Compact Splice Tray epitomises the pinnacle of integration technology for modern SMPTE camera chains. Crafted with precision and built to last, this innovative system is engineered to streamline the deployment and upkeep of your broadcasting setup, ensuring your operations are seamless.

Key Features

  • Pre-Installation Cable Pulling: Simplify your setup process by pulling in cables prior to termination, markedly reducing the installation time and hassle and risk of damage. 
  • On-Site Splicing Capability: Tailored for the dynamic demands of the broadcasting environment, this splice box allows for efficient on-site splicing, ensuring a seamless rapid integration into any setup.  
  • Effortless Management and Maintenance: The front section boasts easily removable and replaceable pigtail assemblies, making system management and maintenance straightforward. This design not only facilitates swift repairs but also minimises downtime, keeping your operations smooth.  
  • Robust and Compact Design: Occupying a mere 2 rack units (RU) and reduce depth, this compact splice box is constructed to endure the rigours of both studio and field use, offering a sturdy solution that conserves valuable space. 


  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: With the Argosy 2RU SMPTE Compact Splice Box/Tray, broadcasters can enjoy streamlined processes, from installation to maintenance, enhancing overall operational efficiency.  
  • Reduced Downtime: Quick and easy maintenance means less downtime. Damaged or worn pigtail assemblies can be swiftly replaced or sent back to us for repair, ensuring your system remains operational with minimal interruption.  
  • Cost-Effective Solution: By allowing for on-site splicing and offering easily replaceable components, this splice box reduces the need for costly external services and spare parts, making it a cost-effective solution for any broadcasting operation. 

Ideal for
Broadcast professionals and technicians seeking a reliable, efficient solution for integrating and managing SMPTE camera chains, whether in the studio or on location. The Argosy 2RU SMPTE Compact Splice Box/Tray is the perfect addition to any setup, offering unmatched ease of use and reliability. 

Elevate Your Broadcasting Setup
Opt for the Argosy 2RU SMPTE Compact Splice Box/Tray for a seamless, efficient, and reliable camera chain integration solution. Experience the difference in operational efficiency and reliability. Do get in touch today to learn more or to place an order.


  • Chassis: Aluminium alloy
  • Internal brackets: Mild steel
  • Mounting brackets: Mild steel
  • Finish: Black RAL 9005 Mat Powder Coat


  • Electrical/Power: AMP Mate-N-Lok (Plug/Socket)
  • Fibre connector type: LC, singlemode
  • Adaptor: LC, duplex, LC-LC
  • Splice cassette: Speedway Cassette


  • Rack Ears Pitch: 32.5mm
  • Overall dimensions W x H x D (mm): 480 x 88 x 220
  • Mounting type: 2U, rackmount/wall mount